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Hi Everyone!  My god.. my last post was May 1st.  I’m so bad at consistent posting.

April and this month is so busy both work and traveling. I have so many things and places I hope to share since my last two week trip to Tokyo in mid April, however the moment I came back was Easter, then my best friend from Tokyo came to visit me for a week, and last weekend I was in Hong Kong.

And — this weekend, I may be going to Malaysia.  Agh!  Since I just got back from Hong Kong, by now I wanted to share trip posts of Hong Kong… but first, Japan.  Lots of travel posts to share! 🙂

I love eating and shopping in Tokyo but sometimes I like to go out to the beach side and have a quiet and calming time.  This soba place, as much as I would like to keep it to myself (okay. so many places I do want to keep to myself..) but I really want more people, especially those who want to go to places that is NOT on the guide book and wanting to explore places where locals go to.. to know these places.

On this post, I’m sharing a place I always go for fresh traditional soba.  A bit away from Tokyo (40min train ride) but accessible.   (Details of the place at the end of the post)

The entrance. Guides you to the soba house through the bamboo garden.  Already feels like you are going to a traditional Japanese house.


There is a hidden private house after the stairs where you would need to book in advance.  But this time, I head to the main soba house.



I love this place not just because the soba is superb.. they make the soba everyday and its fresh,  but they also design and make their own places and kitchenware.  If you go inside, they have a gallery where you can also purchase.


I love this glassware.. so beautiful.



If you go on a weekend, you may need to line up for a while as it tends to be full especially on a weekend lunch.  But there is a seating area at the gallery so I waited there for about 15min.  No big deal. 🙂


The menu.  So the prices are really reasonable and they come from a simple soba for $10USD  up to $30USD. I usually take the soba kaiseki which I a lot of food and great soba + tempura.  However, this time I was craving for a freshly made simple soba which I cannot get in Singapore nor Hong Kong, I went for a Tenpura Soba ($25USD).


The owner and staff wears a traditional kimono.  Very Japanese.  You can also see the glass booth where they make the soba.  It needs to be made early in the morning to be serving for lunch so the person who makes it was not there this time.


Hot Soba tea served before meal.  And appetizer with Japanese pickles.  Gosh how I missed these pickles. They are also freshly made.


Okay by now you must be thinking.. what took you so long to post the actual soba picture!!  But this places’ landscape is just so amazing, I had to post that first! 🙂   I love everything about this place.

Food, hand crafted plates and trays, friendly staff, reasonable pricing..


After enjoying the soba, I head to the ”treats corner” at the cashier.  Their hand made soba bun and soba sweet crackers.  They are so good. Its always sold out by the afternoon so better get this one!


This place has been around for so many years and I hope it stays that way.  There aren’t that many places left that has a garden and a house with an additional private guest house. A landed restaurant with a traditional Japanese feel to it.   The more I am away from Japan, I come to appreciate these traditional Japanese food and custom that we have.  These places put so much effort in entertaining/ welcoming guests.  I become to appreciate Japanese craftsmanship.  So magnificent.


Shop name: kokonotuido (九つ井)
Tel: +81-45-851-6121
Address: Kanagawa-Ken, Yokohama City, Sakae-Ku, Tayacho 1319
Average per person: $15-30USD (Lunch)
(Japanese website) http://www.kokonotuido.com/




5 thoughts on “Japan:: Tokyo eats ~hideout soba house

    • Thank you for stopping by my blog! And I am absolutely in love with you blog. Ahhh your hubby Japanese. Mine is half Japanese and Chinese. And our stomach is definitely Asian. haah:) Hope you enjoy your Japan trip! Looking forward to your travel posts. 🙂

      • No!!! I make it at home, but it’s not the same. We don’t even have a ramen-ya. I live in Georgia, and Atlanta has a few Japanese restaurants, but not like New York or California. I have to order my Japanese food online also. We don’t have a market here. Only Korean & some Chinese 😦

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