backpack trunk

Hi Everyone!  I have been trying to catch up on my Tokyo trip posts but in between hoping to do fashion posts as well.  Some of you may get a little too tired of the travel posts haha:)

After getting a dog in the fam, and taking my dog for long walks or shopping and to cafes, I need to keep my hands free and not have the hassle of having a handbag with me and hold the leash at the same time.  So I started to use a pochette, and ever since I seldom use handbags.

Lately I have been seeing a lot of trendy and chic backpacks on Instagram as well.  I love backpacks. Especially those that look very chic and functional at the same time.  And this is one of them that I discovered on Instagram.  Its called Chivote.  It’s really well designed because the zipper comes all the way down so when you open the zipper, you don’t need to dig in to find things in your bag.  With backpacks that only has a small zipper and does not open wide,, I get frustrated.

And the front and back is reversible so it also comes in two different colors.  Super functional!

I think backpacks are going to be in trend this season…I feel it!



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