Japan:: Tokyo sweets ~incredible chocolate waffle

Hi Everyone!  I was thinking of doing more catching up on my Tokyo travel posts however I did a short weekend getaway where in Singapore they  call it ‘staycation’ to Sentosa.  Yep, only 20 min drive. But still nice. It feels like you are away from the city to a quiet harbor.

Anyways, one of my friend went to visit Tokyo and usually they would ask me to list restaurants to go for a good authentic Japanese food which would not be in the travel guide. But this time it was a different request. He is a sweet tooth and asked me for good sweets in Tokyo.  A bit of a difficult request as I’m not that much of a sweets person.  So I only had a short list this time but wanted to provide the best of the best. And here is one of them.

Actually this isn’t Japanese sweets.  It’s a luxe chocolate brand from Belgium.

(Details of the place at the end of the post)

There is a huge chocolate culture in Japan because a Japanese chocolate brand “Glico” started a trend where on Valentines day girls will give out chocolates to the boys.  From then on, Japan started to bring in more and more chocolate brands from all over the world and some of them only carry outlet in Japan than anywhere else besides thier country.

I love thier delicate bitter sweet chocolate.  Not too sweet and not too milky.  I tried thier waffle this time.

Oh, so good.  Cannot describe in words.  They are famous for chocolate but thier whip cream was exquisite.  I hate those whip cream that comes in pure white and really sweet.  This one is a pearl ish white. Not pure white. So you can tell that they use good cream and eggs.

If you visit Tokyo, there is a cafe in Ginza (address at the end of the post).  But if you missed it, there is also a dessert shop at the Haneda Airport Terminal 2. So you can stop by there on your way back. Or perhaps buy some sweets to take back with you!



I had a dessert set that comes with coffee or tea.  Which was JPY 1,890. Which is about $18.00 USD at current rate.  Okay, a bit on the expensive side. But its totally worth it!



Shop name: Pierre Marcolini
Web: http://www.pierremarcolini.jp/shop/ginza.html
Address: Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Ginza, 5-5-8
Average per person: $15-20 USD (Dessert set)

PS. Also a shop at the Haneda Airport.  Terminal 2.



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