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Hi everyone!  I hope you are all having a great week so far.

I haven’t been back in Tokyo for 3 months now and this is making a record as I have been back every now and then since I moved out of Japan.  When I miss home, I start to cook more Japanese food and especially use my Japanese plates.

I am loving these Japanese plates I brought back from Japan.  This is passed on from my grandmother and it’s at its 3rd generation. Many different kinds of shape which makes the food presentation unique.



In my previous post, I wrote about ‘defining your own style‘ and how my choice of style has changed over the years.  I can say that this is also the same for ‘food’.  In my 20’s, food was just something to fill my stomach and I would eat fried stuff, lots of cheese and pasta.  Now in my 30’s, I like to know what I am eating and how I am eating.  Okay, so what does ‘how I am eating’ mean..

I like to cook and choose my own ingredients.  Most importantly think of how I would like to present these food.

I love to think of which plates to place the food and what plate combination.   Same for fashion.  How do I want to style my clothes is the same as how I want to style the food I made.


Now that Singapore has only one season,  I like to use these Japanese traditional plates to feel the four seasons I miss.  In the Summer time, I would use glassware, blue and white color plates.  For Winter and Autumn, more of maroon and brown, or red color plates.

I would like to have a good quality of life now and also quality of food.  This is one of my ways.


2 thoughts on “food art japanese

  1. The plates are beautiful! I thing I went through the same phases as you did. In my twenties I could eat microwaved pizza each day and it didn’t bother me. Now I enjoy cooking and put a great effort in picking the right ingredients. Unfortunately, I left most of my tableware in Denmark, but I’m bringing it, piece by piece, to Dubai, as it also reminds me of home (in Denmark) 🙂

    • Hi mitziemee!! Really apologize for my late reply… as you can tell, i have been very poor at updating my blog lately. I can imagine your tableware from Denmark being amazing!! I’m also doing the same, every time I go back to Japan, I bring back bits and pieces to Singapore. Love that it reminds me of home at the dining table 🙂

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