the Daniel Wellington classic

Hi Everyone!  I have been very poor at updating my blog.

Traveling and having visitors come frequently made it quite difficult for me to find the time, on the other hand Instagram makes it easy for me to update things quickly.  Alright, enough with my excuses.  Apologies!

I have been seeing this classic timeless watch from Daniel Wellington lately on Instagram and couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

So here is the good news!

If you are thinking of getting one (which I am sure you won’t regret!)  here is a discount code for you to get 15% off.  So here are the steps.  Remember this is only until 15th September!

1.  Purchase on the official website.  <>

2.  Remember to put the special discount code;  simplytokyo

3. Discount code will reduce the price by 15%

4. This is only valid until 15th of September (2014).

Daniel Wellington

I am absolutely in love with this watch.  I was always looking for an elegant leather strap watch, something additional option to have with the one that I already have which is the Cartier silver watch.  When you want to look classic and chic, a black leather strap watch goes very well with the style and it was taking me forever to find one.  My wish list was;

— Timeless, classic and chic.

— Thin. Very thin.  I really don’t like it when watches gets thick.

— Watch face is VERY minimal. No dates, flashy fonts used on numbers or anything. No diamonds.

After looking  at so many photos and very appealing pictures on Instagram, I knew this was THE ONE!

Thank you so much Daniel Wellington!  I am debuting this piece tonight…




2 thoughts on “the Daniel Wellington classic

    • Thank you so much for your comment! Yes, it does look really classic and looks more expensive than it is as well. I am probably wearing them everyday!

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