clutch heaven

Hi Everyone!  Hope you are having a great day so far.

Its been raining non stop today in Singapore however, sky is brightening up now.  For today’s post, I would like to support a dear friend of mine, Shireena who I’ve known for quite a long time, is an owner of a handbag brand called Sheens.

I am not sure how many of you reside in Singapore, but she is a designer and owner of a handbag brand Sheens is having an open house so if you are a bag hoarder and need another amazing bag or clutch to bring to your dinner outings or parties, here is an exclusive sale invite.

Open House Details:

Follow them on their Facebook page ( you will have an additional 10% discount.
Don’t forget to use the  code name “simplytokyo”.

Date: Friday, 5 September
Time: 11AM to 7PM
Place: 46 Coronation Road West, 01-02, Block 46A, Astrid Meadows (S)269262
Contact: Shireena at or on her mobile at 92310299


Here is one of her clutch that she designed which I adore.  Very classic minimal where you can bring out to any night outings.


If you plan to head out to the open house sale, have fun ladies!


4 thoughts on “clutch heaven

    • Hi Hi!! Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you so much for your comment. Yes I do have a blog but have not been consistent in uploading posts.. I love your blog! I enjoy reading them. most of the time thru instagram. 🙂 I love your style!

    • Thank you so much dear!! Sorry for my late reply… I haven’t been posting much as I should be. I want to know what is your technique or tip on how to keep posting consistently. haha 🙂

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