Abu Dhabi:: stop, relax and spa

This will be my last post of my Abu Dhabi trip.

On the last day, I decided to just relax at the hotel before we get on to our flight.  This is my hobby… try the spa in every hotel I stay.

The spa at the Eastern Mangroves  is an Anantara spa brand so I was excited to try it out.

Entrance of the spa was small and cozy so I thought the facility may be small as well.  But was surprised how huge the inside was.  First led to the changing room, there was a red checkered scarf to rap around your body.  So Arabian and cool.



For the ladies, there was full amenities which also had the Elemis brand skin care products. Nice!


Later, this is what really surprised me.  A huge dome where you can get a Traditional Turkish Hammam treatment.  It was incredible. Unfortunately I did not have the time to experience this treatment,  the whole marble floor and table was heated.   What was so nice was that you get a private steam spa room just to your self which I enjoyed very much.

My picture taken by iPhone doesn’t capture the beautiful dome but look at the website here for the full picture.  It’s so nice.



Treatment room was very big which had full facility (Jacuzzi bath, toilet, shower, changing room etc..)


Overall the treatment was very nice.  The receptionist recommended me a Rose Sheer Bliss treatment and it was very nice.

After the spa treatment feeling so relaxed, I went to the supermarket right next to our hotel.  Very westernized, a UK brand Waitrose Market was there.  You can basically get anything here just like in Singapore.


And interestingly, for non-Muslims, there was a pork section where you can go in through the automatic door secluded from the rest of the area.


Time to say goodbye to Abu Dhabi and fly back to Singapore.  The weather was great than I imagined and the whole cultural experience was wonderful and eye opening.  I love to experience new cultures so it was great.

I have to say,,, Etihad is the most incredible airline I have ever took.  The moment we got to the airport, there was a separate check in entrance for Etihad.  Then, a bell boy?  came to carry our luggage.  Its like a hotel.


When we approached to the lounge… my god!  It was packed with people.  I couldn’t believe it.  People were starting to sit on the floor and it was complete chaos.  I have never been to a business lounge so crowded with people.

But the wonderful staff quickly escorted us to the First Class lounge where there were hardly any people.


I looked around for a buffet area for drinks and some snacks to take but there weren’t any.  Of course… this is a First Class lounge.  They take your orders at the table and cook a fresh meal for you.  Haha.  I never experienced this, and it was NICE!


Since this may be the first and last time I will ever visit a First Class lounge, I went to take a tour.

Over the top.  Really?  Six Sense Spa at the lounge?!  Incredible.



Okay, time to get back to reality.  Our flight back was a Manchester City sponsor airbus.  My husband was excited. Huh?  I thought he was a Manchester United fan…  Guys.  They just love soccer.




Abu Dhabi:: gold rush

Hi everyone!  Continuing my Abu Dhabi trip post.

We had one more place to go before we left Abu Dhabi, which was the Emirates Palace.  I think it is mentioned to be one of the largest hotels in the world and is the second most expensive hotel built (6 billion USD!!).  And guess where the first most expensive hotel build in the world is?   Our home land Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands.  I did not know that.

But my gosh.  Emirates Palace was like beyond my imagination.  It was incredible.


Few steps inside the hotel is just gold gold GOLD!


And they did have a vending machine where you can buy gold.



The building was so amazing I wanted to spend a little more time enjoying this place so decided to go with the Afternoon tea.

It was so relaxing.


And also did a little ‘touristy’ thing and got the signature café latte with a 24k gold flake…  Wow, am I – or should I eat this thing?  Oh well, might as well dig the gold with my silver spoon and shove it down my throat!  Haha.


The amount of greenery, garden flowers and trees around the palace was so incredible, just imagine how much cost it would take to maintain it so beautifully in such a hot desert country?  Okay not so romantic of me to think about maintenance cost – so finance of me…


Later that evening we had Thai food at the hotel restaurant.  I don’t know why but every time I’m on a trip, I start to crave for Asian food.  Good thing this hotel had a very good authentic Thai food.  I love spice!


Abu Dhabi:: shopping glitter

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Wow…. its been quite a while since I last posted.  Its been a crazy busy few weeks since I flew off to Abu Dhabi – came back for few days.. then flew off to Japan and spent almost 2 weeks there spending time with fam and friends.  And the moment I arrived back to Singapore, I was suffering with Norovirus (kind of a food poison) which I got from Japan.  Then as soon as I recovered,  it was Chinese New Year.

I have been meaning to post the remaining travel pictures from Abu Dhabi so going to write it short and sweet.

So where was I …  Ah yes.  Our fourth day of the trip we went to take a look around the central city area and the new shopping mall.

One of it was the WTC Mall (World Trade Center Mall).   The building was amazing.  It felt like we were in the movie “Inception”.  We also went to check out the WTC Souk where you can buy trinkets and very nice silk scarves.






Isn’t this architecture interesting?  It feels like the world is upside down.



Later in the evening we went to another new shopping mall which the taxi driver recommended us to go.  The Galleria mall is at Al Maryah Island which some of the parts were still under construction.  The island also has office buildings, hotels, residential buildings and a hospital.  It looks like they are building a whole new town.

Inside the mall was just beautiful.




They happened to also have a nice carnival outside of the mall which was interesting to see.


Exhausted of walking around malls throughout the day,  we decided to go take a look at the new Rosewood hotel and settle in for a drink.  Again, beautiful hotel.  Wish they had the Rosewood hotel brand in Asia.  Well actually there is a construction rush going on and soon there will be a few 2015 onwards.  I shall check out the one in Bali which is scheduled to complete in 2015??



We had a drink at the Rosewood hotel bar.  It was very nice and cozy.  They had a fireplace outside which made the chilly night comforting.



Abu Dhabi:: the room

I am in Japan right now and it’s so cold here! I’m hoping to share some places I went but for now continuing my Abu Dhabi trip post.

Okay so the hotel that we stayed was pretty awesome and I didn’t share the hotel room yet so here it is.

Quite spacious and importantly… The bed and bed sheets was great and comfy.

Bathroom was also spacious and clean!
I also liked that the shower head was one of those that is not stuck to the wall, and water pressure was super good. Hot water instantly comes out so that made my stay! I’m so picky with shower and bathrooms. I just can’t stand showers that has water coming out so weak. Don’t you agree?
To be honest the amenities weren’t that great but this time I brought my own John Masters shampoo so it was okay.
I must say the staffs at the hotel was very friendly and helpful.
Room service was quick with response and only took 20 min to have the food ready so that was great!

One of the five star hotel in New York took 1 hour just to bring an extra towel… I don’t think I will ever stay there again.

Abu Dhabi:: mosque mirage

One of the tour highlight in Abu Dhabi is to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.  We went on a Friday and that day was a day of prayer so the mosque was opened from 16:30- 23:00.

It was like a mirage in the desert.  A white and golden mosque, so beautiful.



We took our shoes off and women have to cover up.  There is a strict dress code so you may want to check the mosque website <link here>  before you go.

The floral designs on the marble pillars and floors was so beautiful.  And it was amazing just how pure white the marble floors were.  They must have put in a lot of effort to clean it.




Inside was a main prayer hall which has the world’s largest hand-knotted carpet.  The whole floor that is the size of about 4 football field is covered with just one carpet.  Incredible.


The crystal chandeliers were made by Faustig that are made from stainless steel and 24 carat galvanized gold was used for gilded brass.  Glass panels studded with Swarovski crystals.  All was just so breathtaking.


After seeing all that beautiful marble and chandeliers, I look so happy… haha.  Outside the mosque there was a lot of taxi lined up so going there by taxi is not a problem.


Abu Dhabi:: city escape perfect

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope this would inspire some readers who is planning their holidays for the Chinese New Year that’s coming up the end of this month.

Continuing from the previous post, my Abu Dhabi trip…  The hotel we stayed was Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara.  There is a lot of nice hotels in Abu Dhabi but we wanted to be a bit away from the busy vibe to a relaxing hotel stay and this was it.  Located right in front of the mangroves, you can see the skyline from the hotel but still have a calm and greenery view.

We arrived just past midnight and the grand yet warm hotel lobby was just relaxing.


There was Dates and tea at the lobby for the guests.


We took a walk outside of the hotel.  It was a bit chilly and surprised to see some people wearing boots and coats!  It gets to about 15C around this time of the year (Dec-Jan).


The décor at the hotel hallway was very nice.  I have heard that this hotel was built just about a year ago, so the place was very new and clean.


Woke up the next day a bit late around 10am just in time for the breakfast buffet.  It was a beautiful blue sky day and the weather was very pleasant.  Kind of felt like Hawaii weather.  Dry, nice and cool wind but still warm.


I didn’t expect for Abu Dhabi to be so green.  In fact on the way to the hotel from the airport, it was only 20 min drive and along the highway, I would see beautiful colored flowers and lots of palm trees.  It was like they were gardening the whole highway.  Must have a lot of cost put into it.




I’m so hungry, time for breakfast!  The buffet had a wide selections from Western, Chinese, Indian cuisine and many others.   Plus the dessert bar was amazing.


Abu Dhabi:: flying Etihad

I made a short trip down to Abu Dhabi last week and was excited because it was my first trip to the Middle East region.  I hope to share some of the places I visited and my experience of Abu Dhabi in the next couple of posts.

My flight was at night time which means getting to Abu Dhabi at midnight.   This was the first time I was going to take Etihad Airways.  I have heard many great things about this airline and its known to be one of the best.

Check-in at Singapore Changi Airport was pretty smooth as they had a premiere counter for Etihad.

Lounge… ehhh, okay to be honest.  Not that great compared to Singapore Airlines because this lounge was shared with some of the other airlines.  At least it was spacious and quiet.


Okay boarding on the plane.  The seats were super comfy and the great thing is that all seats have an aisle access.  I never sit at the window side that does not have aisle access just because I feel bad of waking people up whenever I need to go to the restroom…which happens a few times during the flight he he he.


The best of all parts was that the flight attendant was so nice and friendly!  Probably the best I have ever came across at any airline.


And the seat massage function actually works well not like the other airline seats…


So,, what should I have for dinner.  I will go for the Arabic mezze and get my mood into the emirates world!


The word ‘freshly laundered’ is so appealing to me.  Because many times I had blankets that has other peoples hair in them. Ugh… yuck.  Now I know I can get a good night rest with these laundered blankets ha-ha.


Now I sit back, stretch out my legs and relax because I have another 7 hours of time to spare.


Oh, and not to forget.. here are the handouts.  The only thing I wished they had was slippers.  But only because I love wearing slippers inside the plane.


Can’t wait to see the Abu Dhabi city!

Oh, apologies for the blurry and non-focused pictures.  I took most of them with my iPhone.