Hawaii:: trip rewind

I was a bit jet lagged from a 17 hour flight back but I am finally recharged.  I took a lot of pictures and didn’t have the time to post them while in Hawaii…so rewinding some of the things I did last weekend.

On my last day in Hawaii, my friend and I decided to go out for some final FINAL shopping! We went back to Monsarrat Ave. where we had the garlic shrimp but this time we got a healthier brunch.  If you ever get a chance to go to Waikiki, try out the Acai smoothie.  They are addictive.

Pioneer Café at Monsarrat Ave. 00251029-172306.jpg

Inside Pioneer Café where they sell cute T-shirts

Addictive Acai smoothie

Top: Rebecca Taylor silk shirt
Bottom: AG white jeans
Bag: Hermés
Shoes: l’autre chose

After our shopping spree which only took us 30 min (when it comes to shopping, we only buy what we love. Not what we like..), we headed back to Kahala beach, changed and walked to Kahala Resort Hotel for some afternoon tea.  You can sit outside at the balcony and overlook the beautiful beach.

View from the balcony

Afternoon tea at the Kahala Resort Hotel
And we had a visitor!

By the time we knew it,, we were chatting until sunset.  My god,, we girls can chat!

I had such a great time with my friend, and it was a really relaxing fun girls trip!  We need this sometimes, don’t you think?


Stay: Kahala Beach Apartments (http://kahalabeachapts.com/)
Shops I like in Waikiki: Ala Moana Center / Rebecca Beach (inside Kahala Resort Hotel) / Pualani Honolulu (next to Hotel Otani)


Hawaii shopping week

What a great week… After spending time with my family in Tokyo and spending a week with my friend in Hawaii.

We need girls trip once in a while! Chatting, eating and shopping.

I am getting addicted to coconut water, especially the ones from this brand called Jax Coco. The taste is great and good for your health. The water is 100% natural and not sweet at all. I couldn’t find one so thought of trying out a new brand. This one was a bit sweet but all made naturally.
Drinking coconut water at the beach listening to music.. That’s what I did all week in the morning. Pure relaxation!


Later we decided to go for a late lunch. Place called Bogart’s Cafe and had a Garlic Shrimp Plate. The lunch plate was huge so we could have shared just one plate…



Garlic and shrimp…love this combination.

Later on headed to the Ala Moana shopping center. When I come to Hawaii… There is only 2-3 places I go for shopping. No need to run around several shops here and there. I can find things I like at the Ala Moana and a small little shop called Rebecca Beach at the Kahala Hotel that’s always got great stuff. Went a little too far this time but did not forget to buy some stuff for my husband! Important…

If you ever have the chance to stop by the Kahala Hotel, definitely check out the macadamia nuts chocolate at the small gift shop. Surprisingly…whenever they get new stocks, its sold out right away, so you may be lucky to find some boxes of chocolate there! But get the Milk flavor. They are the best. Added a bag of Kahala pancake mix, so I can make it for my husband.




Hawaii:: sunset paradise

Hawaii trip is coming to an end so decided to just hang around the Kahala beach area and enjoy the beautiful water and sunset.

Whenever I come to Hawaii, I always end up staying at Kahala. I love this place.

Did a little bit of shopping at my favorite shop so hoping to share some stuff I bought in Hawaii later.

Meanwhile… Happy Friday and hope you have great weekend!

I will miss this place but at the same time excited to see my husband and Latte!







Hawaii:: eat, beach and shop


Aloha! Another super sunny day in Hawaii and I am just loving the weather here.

Wake up for coffee and few hours of girls chat. Another few hours of chatting at the beach while getting a tan and off we go for shopping.

Hoping to share the shops I checked out later!

Great time with a great friend!

But I am also missing my husband and my little pup Latte. Wonder how they are doing together.. Are they eating healthy?



Hawaii:: Hawaiian relax

After a 7 hour ish flight from Tokyo to Hawaii, my friend waited with her driver to pick me up at the airport.

Hawaii is such a beautiful place. Every time I come here, I like to stay at the Kahala area where it is quiet and away from Waikiki. The beach is a lot less people (tourists) here at Kahala and more privacy.

We went to Kahala mall to go to Whole Foods to get some organic hair/ skin care product and food. After a stroll to the mall, we decided to go grab a good old fashion burger nearby the mall. I love a classic burger.

So much to catch up on, hours of girls chatting at the beach before dinner, and another fun dinner chatting all night.

I am so jet lagged right now. Hoping to share some places I went in Hawaii!
So much I talk, I forgot to take some pictures.

Kahala beach area

Kahala hotel lobby



What I bought