chanel smokey blue bag

In my previous post, I talked about my star buy shoes of this year.  If you ask me what was my star buy BAG of last year, it would definitely be my smokey blue Chanel bag.

I only have two Chanel bags and one is black classic version which was passed on from my mother.  And this one right here.  I love small bags that is functional and this piece would not dissapoint you.

I carry very little things that would be my wallet, iPhone, lip gloss and my house key.  And nothing else.  Even on a 10 hour flight, I think i would only add my glasses and passport to that list.  No big luggage on the flight.

So when I saw this piece at the store, a little pochette that turns into a purse which has coin case and a card holder inside, I knew it would be a keeper.  But so many color selections.


I would normally go for the Black, Beige, Grey kinda basic color.  I would have never thought of getting this color but hold on.
I will be in a hot summer Singapore and already have black Chanel bag.  Shouldn’t I get a color that is more playful?  But not too bold as I wouldn’t want the bag to stand out too much.

So I decided to get this smokey blue color which has a tint of grey.  Very neutral blue.  Not a hard-core blue.

It matches well with my basic style items as the tint of grey complements my clothes.


What was your star buy bag of last year?   Probably for this year, my Celine trio bag is at the top of the list!



suite sweet lounge

I had the opportunity to go to the Private shopping lounge at Robinsons Orchard.  Thanks to the personal stylist there!  There was a private viewing of Manolo Blahnik shoes and I just had to peak in.

The lounge was beautifully decorated in a classic style which I love, with a warm color furnishing.  Makes you feel totally relaxed.

Didn’t want to take picture of the whole place as there were many private shoppers there and don’t want to be rude..


As a courtesy, I wore my Manolo Blahnik shoes which I bought way back in Las Vegas Wynn Hotel.  What else would you wear to a Manolo Blahnik viewing right?


I love the interior deco of the lounge and a huge panorama window that looks out to the greenery Orchard road was amazing.  Kind of feels like you are in a Paris apartment.  Only that it is hot and humid outside and cooling inside!  I had a lovely time and a great chat with the personal shopper there.



I had a dinner plan to rush, to meet up with a former colleague of mine back in the finance firm so wore a black silk jacket for formality.


Dress: DVF
Jacket: Elizabeth and James (now available at Robinsons Orchard!)
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Bag: Chanel

It’s almost Christmas Eve and I’m so excited for my family from Tokyo is coming to visit me!   Can’t wait.  Gotta start washing all the bed linens to prepare for their visit.  Haha.

the little yellow jacket

Chanel is having its “‘The Little Black Jacket” exhibition in Singapore this month at the Marina Bay Sands.  I am willing to go and check it out this week.

As for me, I had a lunch meeting so decided to wear my ‘little yellow jacket’.

I bought this piece, both top and bottom in Hong Kong a while ago at my favorite shop Harvey Nichole’s.  I loved the fact that it was lace but in Yellow color and the fringe work that was beaded in beige and silver.  I also loved the Beige skirt from Mantu, an Italian brand which was in silk.

Top: Hidy N.G. (Hong Kong brand)
Inner Top: T-shirt from Three Dots
Bottom: Mantù (Italian brand)
Bag: Hermes Birkin
Shoes: Pellico (Italian brand)

3.1 phillip lim for fridays

Hi everyone! How was your weekend?

On Friday, I decided to go explore a good restaurant with my husband, that can be my favorite place to go in Singapore.  I have lots of places I love to go and eat in Tokyo and Hong Kong, my hideout place, but I have not found a place yet in Singapore.

I love a good French and Italian (of course Japanese food as well).  And this place could possibly be one of my favorite.  An Italian dish with a Japanese twist.  Great value for money and food was fab.  The cozy atmosphere just made my Friday night dinner!  See below for restaurant info.

While I would like to rate each of the restaurants I go to, I thought it would be better to only show the ones I LOOOOVE!  Makes sense right?  Rather than posting some thing on that is 2, 3 stars, 4.5 starts… etc… Post only that I thought was five star ★★★★★ (at least for me…)

Going for Phillip Lim dress to end a good week!

I love the tux inspired dress. A manish classy dress.


A view from the Marina Bay Sands.


Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Bag: Chanel
Shoes: Cole Haan

Restaurant: caffe b
Type: Italian
Location: Singapore

coloring Chanel

Chanel nail polish has the most amazing colors, don’t you think?  These are three of my basic high-rotating colors for my pedicure.

I have #521 a pink beige color on which probably goes with any clothes I have, but I get excited whenever I take out my #617 because this means “holiday'”!

So in the mean time, I will enjoy the pink beige, but soon I will be putting on my ‘holiday’ color!

Which is your choice of color?


blue n grey

Happy Friday everyone! Who doesn’t like Fridays?  You can stay up late and not care in the world when you wake up the next day.

But Friday it is. This means… movie night!

When I was living in Hong Kong, we were living in this amazing condo which sits right above a huge shopping mall that had all the luxury brand clothing lines and cosmetics stores. But even better, the mall had a really nice movie theater (and an ice skating rink..). So my husband and I would go to late night movies on Fridays or Saturdays around 12am… movie ends at 2am. But all we had to do was take the elevator up to our apartment and go to bed.   God I miss doing that.

Changing from my day wear to like a winter gear clothes since it is going to be freezing in the theater. Somehow, Singapore movie theaters are set to like 19 °C (65F)! Can you believe it?  My lips literally turn purple.

I am matching grey and blue tonight. I love grey. Any color that is grey-ish.. I love!

My Pellico shoes again… hard to tell but this is a Navy color in Suede.



Tolani scarf. A tint of grey and blue and other colors adds a punch.


Fell in love with this color of the bag. Its blue, but grey-ish.




Scarf: Tolani
Shirt: Zara
Skirt: Duxieme Classe
Shoes: Pellico
Bag: Chanel
Bracelet: Chan Luu

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Chanel moist

When you had a busy day and come back home exhausted, you just want to quickly take off your make up and go to bed. But no matter how much I spent on lotions or creams, I learned that cleansing is the most important step.

I used many types of cleansers – cream, oil, foam, gel… but I think I found my ultimate cleansing/ skin care kit.


Chanel Sublimage cleanser is really gentle on the skin and leaves the skin moist even after you take off your make up. Have you ever had that feeling when you cleanse, your skin feels really dry?

Well, this one was so much different than all the cleanser that I have used so far.

I love their concept of cleansing. Massaging the gel onto your skin (for better blood circulation), then gently wipe off with warm water using a cotton cloth. Steaming your skin so that the gel will float together with the makeup but leaving your skin soft and moist.

It isn’t a quick/ simple cleansing process, but why not take 5-10 min of my time to keep away from dry and wrinkle skin…This should be easy!