Sri Lanka:: untouchable white tea

I had arrived in Sri Lanka around 2am, and got to the hotel around 5am. So I had a good 6 hour sleep to get energized. Since Sri Lanka is known for its Ceylon tea, I decided to go visit a tea plantation.

It was a plantation well known for their White Virgin Tea which the tea leaves are untouched by hands and distributed only to Mariage Freres in Paris well known for its high quality tea. I love Mariage Freres tea so it was a pleasant surprise to find out that this tea plantation distributes their leaves to them.


what I wore:


Looking forward to some free n easy touring and wedding dinner tomorrow.

Earrings: Donatella Pellini
Hat: Panama Hat from 100% Capri
Bag: Hermes
Top: No Brand
Shorts: Dressterior
Shoes: Ferragamo
Bracelet: Chan Luu