chanel smokey blue bag

In my previous post, I talked about my star buy shoes of this year.  If you ask me what was my star buy BAG of last year, it would definitely be my smokey blue Chanel bag.

I only have two Chanel bags and one is black classic version which was passed on from my mother.  And this one right here.  I love small bags that is functional and this piece would not dissapoint you.

I carry very little things that would be my wallet, iPhone, lip gloss and my house key.  And nothing else.  Even on a 10 hour flight, I think i would only add my glasses and passport to that list.  No big luggage on the flight.

So when I saw this piece at the store, a little pochette that turns into a purse which has coin case and a card holder inside, I knew it would be a keeper.  But so many color selections.


I would normally go for the Black, Beige, Grey kinda basic color.  I would have never thought of getting this color but hold on.
I will be in a hot summer Singapore and already have black Chanel bag.  Shouldn’t I get a color that is more playful?  But not too bold as I wouldn’t want the bag to stand out too much.

So I decided to get this smokey blue color which has a tint of grey.  Very neutral blue.  Not a hard-core blue.

It matches well with my basic style items as the tint of grey complements my clothes.


What was your star buy bag of last year?   Probably for this year, my Celine trio bag is at the top of the list!



up to date with topshop slip-ons

What do you do, when you have all the clothes but it doesn’t seem to be up to date and in trend…

I wear my Topshop black slip-ons more often and I must say that these have been my star buy of this year so far in the ‘shoes’ department.  It was a bit unconfortable at first, probably because of the shape but they are brilliant now.

I am usually 24.5cm but for this one, I got a half size larger which was 39 EUR size.

They can go with practically anything I wear, casual or non-casual and also bring pretty much up to date with what I am wearing.  I love to wear them with a black or grey skirt, but they go great with jeans and pants as well.

The one from Topshop was about 30$SGD so very affordable piece to buy, and a convenient way to update your style.

Here are some ways to wear these slip-ons.  My favorite one is the first one with black skirt.

I am just wearing some super basic items such as Black skirt, stripe Ts, white denim, grey denim… etc which all of you may already have.  And with these basic items, you can bring the style in trend and up to date with just this slip-ons.  An awesome piece to add to your wardrobe.  And you won’t regret it as it doesn’t cost so much.

What is your star buy so far for this year?

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